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It is the policy of the Brisbane North West Trade Training Centre to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that all its workers (employees), students, visitors and contractors are safe from injury and risks to health while on the premises. The Centre meets this commitment by ensuring work practices and procedures comply with the Acts and Regulations governing Work Health, Safety and Welfare.

It is a requirement of all workers, students, visitors and contractors to ensure all practical measures are observed to provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment.

The provider for each training course will identify the risks and hazards and induct students accordingly in reducing and/or managing these.

At a general level, all students, secondary school or adult, will be made aware of:

  • The location of the emergency evacuation (Assembly Point - Mitchelton SHS Oval) and lockdown procedures
  • Designated areas of activity and exclusion given the Centre’s location in school grounds
  • Lunchroom and kitchen usage and safety (microwave operations, Zip hot water system and related first aid procedures for scalding)
  • Attendance and entry procedures
  • Use of disabled toilets.

Students are:

  • Not to use machinery unless trained to do so and given permission to use by their trainer
  • To follow safe working procedures including Standard Operating Procedures
  • Follow the legitimate instructions of their trainer
  • Made aware that behaviour management issues are referred to each individual school.